Why is Jasmine called an absolute?

Q. Why is Jasmine called an absolute?

A. Jasmine oil is described as an absolute. What does that mean?  Here is a great explanation from Debra Raybern:  Jasmine from YL is an essential oil, It is classified as an absolute due to the specific extraction process used to get the oil and fragrance from the plant. Absolutes: These oils are much more concentrated than even distilled oils. Because the delicate flowering part of the plant is used, a solvent is necessary to extract their aromatic oil. Do not let the word ‘solvent’ alarm you. CO2 is the most common extraction method, and we find that used in soft drinks. While most companies use chemical solvents in which trace amounts remain in the finished product, (not only for these but also for other difficult distill plants as well), Young Living’s absolutes are processed using state-of-the-art carbon dioxide extraction technology and leaves no remaining residue.