New Enroller Scavenger Hunt

CONGRATULATIONS!  You have just enrolled your first member with Young Living!  We are so excited for you!

We hope you’ve had a chance to go through our NEW MEMBER Scavenger Hunt.  If not, you can go through it here (there’s a prize for that one too):

So now that you have your first member, what are some things that you can do to help them get the most out of their Young Living membership?  

This Scavenger Hunt will take you through those steps.  Each pillar will provide you with a checklist so that you have everything you need to help your new member get started!  

So, how does this work?  

It’s easy, just go through each of our 6 pillars, each one gives you a clue.  Write down the clues in order. Once you have all 6, you’ll have a word to send to your Young Living support team leader who sent you this link!

Make sure you text or email them the answer to the clues plus 2 or 3 things you’ve learned!  And, you’ll receive a gift from the person who sent you this link for participating in our Scavenger Hunt and enrolling your first member!

Are you ready?