The Legend of "Thieves"

The story dates back to 13th century Europe, a deadly plague took the lives of over 1/3 of its population and while this sickness was spreading across the continent, a band of thieves were making lots of money by stealing from the sick, dying and from the corpses– taking all their valuables!

Somehow, no one could understand how this disease was not killing off these rebels.  When they were finally caught, they exchanged their secret "fountain of life" for a lighter sentence.


It was found out that they were spice traders.  They would make a vinegar made from spices of cinnamon, clove; herbs like rosemary and thyme and eucalyptus and they claim this was the secret to protecting themselves from the plague.

When Gary Young, the Founder of Young Living Essential Oils, found this legend, decided to formulate an oil blend to promote the same immune-enhancing benefits that modern families could use!

And it worked!  Now, this one essential oil has become the favorite and most popular blend because of it's ability to support immune function and enhance your bodies natural response to sickness and disease.