#2 Sharing

Whether you are waiting for your member kit, have it already or are going through this Scavenger Hunt as a refresher, this next pillar is one of the best perks of Young Living!

Getting your Starter Kit paid for!

Did you know that the Premium Starter Kits are discounted over 60% below wholesale cost?  

See the Premium Starter Kit options for your friends and family here:

Now, as a wholesale member you can extend 60% savings to your friends and family!  Easiest way to do that is by giving them your customized coupon code.  


If you don’t yet have your coupon code, it’s easy to get!  Just click here https://yl.pe/, put in YOUR member number as “sponsor” and “enroller” and your email address.   

You’ll get an enrollment link (coupon code) that you can keep (I suggest to keep it in your notes section on your phone).  Then, give your personalized coupon code to your family and friends so they can get 60% off the Premium Starter Kit and get started with you!

When your family and friends get started with the Premium Starter Kit, they get all the perks and benefits just like you, and you receive a referral *bonus from Young Living!  

*minimum bonus $50 for each person that purchases one of the Premium Starter Kits.

Want to learn more about the bonuses?

Even before you receive your starter kit, when you share the excitement of Young Living, you can have a referral check on its way!

What you’ve learned:  

Share YL with your family and friends and help them save 60%, give them your personal coupon code, have your bonus check on its way!

What's more, enroll 3 friends with a Premium Starter Kit and that's a $150 check to you.  When you enroll 4 friends, that means $200 and it covers the cost  the cost of your kit plus more!  You get the idea, them ore you share, the more bonus you receive.


Scavenger Hunt Clue:  E