What do you do when items are out of stock?

"What do you do when Items are Out of Stock?

Debra Raybern says:
How can you make a reasonable substitution? As I have said many times before, the best way to ensure that we never run out of product is to pray for a bumper harvest not only for the Young Living farms but also all of our partner farms around the world so we have oil to spare. Harvest time is coming soon so why don't we all add this to our prayer list. The same goes for the nutritional and personal care items that contain ingredients that are harder to source because of their rarity or the standard Young Living sets on products, which some suppliers fall short in meeting.

But what we do in the meantime. You will need to be equipped with an essential oil reference guide so that you may look up and compare the various supplements with each other.

Two websites: www.discoverlsp.com (exclusively YL information) and www.abundanthealth4u.com Ask your upline leader which they prefer as you'll want the one that contain information on the supplements and personal care items as well. The YL VO is also an amazing resource as is the product guide.

So if you are using Estro and it goes out of stock you could substitute Femigen. You would have to experiment yourself with how much of one translates to the other by seeing how you feel. If you are waiting on Master Formula to come back, in the meantime use Multi-greens and Ningxia Red as they are both loaded with nutrients much like Master Formula.

What about if it's an oil? If you selected an oil for calming like lavender, which I realize may never go out of stock, then look up the blends that contain lavender, or go through the single oil list in the reference guide and find ones that also list calming and relaxing as one of the properties. Maybe try Stress Away or Tranquil roll-on or Roman chamomile. With over 500 products to choose from there are alternatives. Yes I agree I have my favorites too, but if I have failed to stock up, I like a three month supply of all supplements I take on a routine basis, then I choose another supplement and/or oil to use in the interim. I also know we have some supplements that have no timeframe for their return such as Ultra Young (an original ingredient is no longer available). As it was formulated to supportive of the endocrine system you might take time to learn about the oil blend Endoflex and the supplement EndoGize. Once you find a good substitute, write it in the margins of your reference book or product guide to refer to in the future. On many of the Product Information Pages on YL products in the VO, substitute products are also listed.

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