Coach Programs & Essential Oil Cert. - Are These Legitimate?

I see well known health experts offer health coach programs and essential oil certifications.  Are these legitimate programs?  Are they worth going through?

There are many sound health experts who have contributed greatly to the importance of nutrition and holistic health.  While their expertise in their field of natural health is sound, it's important to be aware that when it comes to essential oils, their complexity and science cannot be overstated.  Their programs and certification classes are their own and not qualified as a certification to "practice" anything.  It's basically an education module that does nothing more than connect you to their brand of oils and products.

 Its important that we understand that even the most respected health experts don't give their advise for free.  They rely on their brand and their name and while their intentions may be to provide sound information, unfortunately it does come down to profitability and promotion of their brand.  There is only one essential oil company in the world, we know it to be Young Living.  Every other company, no matter whose name is behind it, is a marketing company.  For more information, here's is an article you can check out.

Buzz Words, Buy Words and Brand

Here is what Young Living Diamond Nicole Dodge had to say:

I don't personally follow Dr. Axe because I've seen mixed info on much of his marketing. So you can take this with a grain of salt because I can only speak to the things I *do* know. I know he was previously associated with multiple oil companies and has one of his own, which leaves me questioning the authenticity of his marketing here--it sounds like perhaps he will be promoting his own company, which is great for him, but I have no question that YL have oils figured out already ;-) ...just look around this group and I think we can all clearly see the stories of how well our oils work.

And to answer your question, we are not essential oil coaches here...we are moms and dads, sisters and brothers, grandparents...who all just set out trying to make our families a little healthier. I am not the expert in your are. And no professional should try to convince you otherwise. I'm just here to remind you that you are intelligent and know what to do...and to provide a little education along the way :-) "