Young Living: The ONLY Essential Oil Company


Royal Crown Diamond Alyssa Francis shares these fascinating reasons why Young Living is truly the ONLY Essential Oil company, second to none:

When I started my journey using essential oils, I had a goal to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether it was to get away from the pharmaceuticals or to start my plan to go chemical free, the choice was Young Living. But WHY Young Living?

Because Young Living is the world wide leader in Essential Oils? Yes, but not the main reason...

Because Young Living is the only company to fulfill the seed to seal promise? Yes, but not the main reason...

Because Young Living has the largest oil product line of all essential oil companies in the world? Yes, but not the main reason...

Is it because of the Young Living Foundation's philanthropic efforts? The fact that they ensure 100 percent of all donations are allocated to those in need? A huge reason, but not the initial reason we came on board.

When it comes to the quality of their product, YL is second to none. 100% pure unadulterated therapeutic grade organic essential oils. The quality and the purity is the reason we chose Young Living.

There isn't another company on the planet that goes to the depth of testing compared to YL.

Some of the testing YL does for every Oil:
-Viscometry Measurement Testing
-Light Based Measurement Testing including refractometry & polarimetry.
-Inductively Coupled Plasma Instrumentation.
-Gas Chromatography
-High Performance Liquid Chromatography
-Automated Micro-numeration Systems
-Microbiology testing
-Disintegration Testing
-PH Analysis
-Flashpoint testing
-Microscopy Testing

In addition, Young Living owns two Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers. In order to operate this instrument, it is required their scientists go thru two years of intensive training. This machine measures the ratios of isotopes.

Young Living is the ONLY Essential Oil Company in the world to have this instrument!

At an absolute minimum, YL runs 15 to 20 different tests in triplicate during the initial testing phase to make sure testing is consistent and viable. So that's 45 to 60 total tests.

All these tests are done in the quality control lab. If any of the tests fail, the oils are shipped to the research and development lab with different scientists and different instruments. If R&D fails it -product is disposed.

If the oil passes thru Quality Control it gets bottled and guess what...every single one of the minimum 15 tests are done on the finished product in triplicate.

So each oil is tested a minimum 90 times!

If that is not enough...

Young Living also utilizes a half dozen external expert labs to corroborate the quality.

So next time you see another brand of Essential oil, or any other knock off brand company (which you will), please understand, you get what you pay for!

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