The Young Living Difference

What makes Young Living different from the others?

From Royal Crown Diamond, Debra Raybern:

"Did you know that all of Young Living’s essential oils must past extensive testing to ensure optimal quality and the correct bioactive profile. Using our own state-of-the-art labs, as well as third-party testing from global essential oil experts, we validate not only the purity but the potency of our essential oils. So how many tests do we perform?

"That would be 11. For a complete list of each test and what it checks for, refer to the testing section of the essential oil desk reference from LSP. That’s page 47 and 48, 7th Edition.

"Chemical components, constituents, checking for adulteration, density, functional components of the oil, whether natural or synthetic, heavy metal contamination at the part per billion level, microbiological testing, determination of peroxides which points to evidence of rancidity, the temperature at which an oil will vaporize and the flammability of an oil, whew! Then once it is bottled in its finished form, it undergoes these tests again.

"No one else is growing, harvesting, distilling and testing as expertly as YL, no one."

Here is Dr. Mike Buch when asked if we test for heavy metals: 

"Of course we test for heavy metals! In fact, we have some of the most advanced heavy metals testing available in the world. We use two types of tests, ICPMS and ICPOES, both of which are capable of detecting heavy metals down to parts per billion. I’ve pasted a slide below from a presentation I gave in Taiwan that shows these two instruments in our QA lab in Spanish fork that are used to test EVERY lot for heavy metals. In fact, we test the incoming raw material and then the final product before it goes out the door, so everything is tested twice. As you know, these labs are open to our members so if the person has any doubts, you should have them come see the lab and watch the tests being performed."

No other company in the world does what Young Living does.  This is the Young Living Standard and there is no match.