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Whitney lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, Brandon, and their three children, Nelson Natalie and Beau. They are TEAM NALL.

Welcome to Team Nall Health! This is a place for learning, encouraging, and journeying together down this exciting road the Lord has orchestrated for each of us!

Our Story

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A little background since I love sharing the details of a good story...I grew up in Chattanooga, TN and graduated from Girls Preparatory School in 2003. I went to Auburn University for college and graduated in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a concentration in Theater. I then moved to Nashville, TN and served as the Events and Sponsorships Assistant at the Gospel Music Association, then as the Community Relations Manager for Mercy Ministries of America. 

2008 was a big year. Brandon and I got married in September of that year and also had our eyes opened as newlyweds to what would be a “game changer” for our family. Our chiropractor, who is now a good family friend, shared with us about a wellness lifestyle that would forever change the way we look at what we put in, on, and around our bodies. From stopping the Nexium that I used to take every morning for acid reflux, to getting rid of our microwave, to not drinking another sip of Coca-Cola or any soft drinks for that matter, to more simple things like almond butter instead of peanut butter, we slowly but surely made once choice after another that have all added up to where we are today...and we are still a work in progress.

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We are now the parents to three precious children, Nelson (6) Natalie (4) and Beau (1) and more passionate than ever to seek the Lord for wisdom on how to care for our family: mind, soul, and body. What a blessing it has been to have the Young Living essential oils and products that were put in our lap in 2013. We say all the time that it’s not just one thing, it’s the “package deal” (Jesus, real food, real supplements, water, sleep, exercise, chiropractic, essential oils) ... And now after almost four years of using Young Living essential oils & products, we feel a peace and excitement about stepping into this new season of being more intentional about sharing what the “package deal” looks like for our family’s journey to wellness that we find ourselves doing in day-to-day life as we seek to serve the Lord with our whole hearts on this life-giving journey He has us on. 

Wild to think about all the ways we use the Young Living products on a daily basis and there’s no denying that we want to share with anyone interested in the potential these items can make in your home as well. There have certainly been some radical changes along the way but no looking back! Excited to share more of our story with you as you hop on board this exciting train! Look forward to having you join Team Nall Health! The best is yet to come! 

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