Pamela Domek

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A few years ago I had surgery on my foot.  Months after surgery, I was still experiencing some discomforts. A friend of mine offered me some Panaway which instantly helped support my body's own healing. I used it for a while then I finally got a Premium Starter Kit. I started going through some health challenges, so I was thankful to have the oils to support my body.

Over time, my blood tests improved. Praise God! A few months ago I had heart palpitations which would not quit. My doctor did an EKG and stress test. Nothing was found but palpitations continued. Then one day I was helping my sister fill her oil bottles and got the oil I my hand. In about 5 minutes my palpitations stopped. We figured out what oil might have helped me. I started using that oil and no more palpitations. NOW after a few years of being SELFISH I want to share Young Living Essential Oils with all people.  Pam Domek: Bringing Greater Wellness To All People Young Living Essential Oils are God’s Plants in a Bottle.