Winter Wellness Alternatives

Here are some recipes that will come in handy during the winter chill!! These are adult strength recipes, but may be diluted appropriately for children, seniors, those with sensitive skin or those new to oils.

NingXia Red: What Every Home Needs

The amazing benefits of NingXia Red could fill a whole book!  Filled with antioxidants, vitamins of A, C, and B, minerals and amino acids - this is the ultimate multi vitamin that every member of the family can enjoy!

Take 1-2 ounces daily to support the digestive, respiratory, immune, cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous systems and an overall healthy body!


Breathe Easy with R.C. blend

R.C. is an excellent blend when mixed with a homemade chest rub to support healthy breathing during the winter season.  Containing multiple eucalyptus oils, R.C. is a must-have for your family.

  • Diffuse - R.C. can also be diffused throughout the day or before sleeping to support immune system.

  • Topical - apply with some coconut oil and apply to chest or apply directly on the bottoms of feet.

Safe for children and babies!

Germs-Be-Gone using Thieves

This germ un-friendly blend may be taken in a capsule, mixed in tea or coffee when using Thieves Vitality or can also be used in the diffuser, or applied topically on the bottoms of feet or mixed with a carrier oil and applied on chest to support immune system. 

  • Diffusing - add 5-10 drops to diffuser;

  • Topical - add 2-3 drops to carrier oil or moisturizer for chest application (front and back) or neat 1-2 drops to bottom on feet;

  • If taken orally 2-5 drops of Vitality oil in a capsule and swallow.

Homemade "Chest" Rub

Use this recipe whenever needed or daily before bed to support healthy breathing and lung function.  Safe for all ages!

Take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and warm until liquid; add essential oils and pour into a jar. Set aside until cool and it returns to a solid state. Label and enjoy.

10 drops R.C. blend
5 drops Frankincense
5 drops Thyme

Recipes courtesy of Debra Raybern and Nancy Sanderson for sharing her recipes.  I "doctored" them just a bit.