Valor Roll-On Essential Oil


Courtesy of Erin Chamerlik | Young Living Gold Leader | @GetBetterWellness

Have you tried Valor Roll-On yet?
💜Oh Valor!💜

Amazingly good and everyone needs to carry the Roll-on of Valor with them at all times!
👜 💼🎒

The roll-on makes it easy to take this member favorite on the go!

Also known as:

💥Liquid Confidence & Courage
💥Chiropractor in a Bottle
💥Self-Esteem Stimulator


Its powerful yet calming scent is versatile enough that you can integrate it into your 
morning and bedtime routines and anywhere in between.

🌳 Energy Balancing and Grounding

Helps to instill:

💫confidence and 

Great for yoga prayer 🙏🏻 and meditation

☄️Courage Booster - EMPOWER Yourself!

Carry it around in your work bag for an added boost of courage, and use it to empower yourself whenever and wherever you please.

❓Where to Roll Valor❓

✅ Back of neck
✅ Down the spine
✅ Chest
✅ Hands
✅ Wrists
✅ Feet

1. Have Courage Anywhere with Valor Roll-On.
Eases occasional anxiousness and calms the heart and mind.

Need a boost of courage?!

Do you get nervous when you are getting ready to speak in front of a group?

👉🏻One gal reported she would get a racing heart, sweaty palms and upset stomach before speaking .... until she tried Valor Roll-On!

She rolled it on her feet, neck, wrists - everywhere. This time, she had no nervousness.

👦🏻Kid Courage!

Valor can support your kids’ emotions and help them tackle those jitters 🙇‍♀️🙇🏻‍♂️ that come from doing things that make them uncomfortable - like the first day of school.

2. Morning Jumpstarter. 🌞
Use it to greet each morning with a positive attitude.

Apply Valor Roll-on in the morning to jumpstart your busy day.🤹‍♀️

3. Nighttime Buddy

Roll it on to unwind at the end of the day.

Did we mention: Snoring 💤 husband helper?

Have the snoring man roll Valor under the right big toe before bed and things will be a lot quieter around the house.

4. 📍Pro Tip: Try Valor on top of your head.

"Try dripping one drop on the very top of your head on your scalp.

This oil blend is often called a "chiropractor in a bottle" because the frequency of the oil resonates at the same frequency of our bones!

That one drop will shoot through your body helping to ground you and calm you." 
~Jen O'Sullivan

5. Chiropractor in a bottle! ^
Try it on your back and see what happens! 💆‍♀️

6. Use Valor to help you connect.❤️
"I recommend using Valor throughout the day to feel less emotionally worn by evening and more available for your partner." Lindsey Elmore

6. Amazing Fragrance
Wear Valor as a bold, inspiring personal fragrance that will encourage confidence as you go about your day.

❓What's in Valor❓

⭕️ Frankincense - uplifting, stimulates limbic part of brain, elevates the mind, helps overcome stress and feelings of despair.

⭕️ Blue Tansy - Inspiring. Helps support feeling of self control. Liver cleanser, helps overcome negative emotions.

⭕️ Geranium - Relaxing, blanacing.

⭕️ Black Spruce - Helps bring feelings of balance and grounding. Helps to open and release emotional blocks.

⭕️ Camphor Wood Oil - Soothing and relaxing for the brain and has skin benefits.


⭕️ Carrier Oil - Caprylic/capric triglyceride

👉🏻Valor is once again part of the Premium Starter kit,

but it is also one that you want to have in the Roll-On format.

  • Keep it in your purse or work bag.

  • Take it to the gym. Take it to the chiropractor appointment, apply after being adjusted.

  • As one of YL's top-selling products, this in-demand oil is one to keep on your ER every month!

Valor Roll-on 10ml
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