Signs Your May Be Low In B Vitamins

signs you may be low in vitamin b

by Erin Chamerlik, Legacy Impact GOLD Leader

Courtesy of Erin Chamerlick | Young Living Gold Leader | @GetBetterWellness

B vitamins are essential nutrients that your body needs EVERY DAY in order to function properly.

B vitamins are water soluble which is WHY we need to take them daily.

Signs that you may be deficient in B Vitamins:

  1. B Vitamins = natural mood boosters

  2. B Vitamins keep your energy levels high

  3. B Vitamins improve your brain's performance

  4. Feeling stressed? Don't forget your B Vitamins!

Super B has it all!

ALL the B's are in Super B:

  • B1, Thiamine 

  • B2, Riboflavin (Makes your pee bright yellow! Fun!)

  • B3, Niacin

  • B5, Pantothenic Acid

  • B6, Pyridoxine

  • B7, Biotin 

  • B9, Folate (NOTE: this is the food form of B9.)

  • B12, Methylcobalamin (NOTE: this is not the cheap form typically used in B vitamins called cyanocobalamin)

Magnesium, Selenium, Manganese, and Zinc (which is required for B vitamin absorption).

Nutmeg: energizing and supports the endocrine system. Nutmeg increases the bio-availability of the vitamins


Signs that you may be deficient in B Vitamins:

  • irritability

  • dry cracking skin

  • fatigue

  • sugar cravings

  • insomnia

  • thyroid issues

  • confusion

  • depression

  • constipation or diarrhea and other gut symptoms

  • dizziness

  • memory loss

  • headache

  • brain fog, confusion,

  • feeling stressed frequently

  • joint and muscle discomfort

  • mood swings

  • poor appetite

  • anemia

  • low progesterone or low estrogen

  • hair loss

  • numbness and tingling in fingers and toes

  • muscle weakness, loss of muscle mass

  • use of antibiotics, acid-lowering medication

  • use of birth control pills

  • smoking cigarettes

  • alcohol consumption

  • cardiovascular system instability


How to take B Vitamins

Take 2 per day with food. 
It would be great to take one at breakfast and one at lunch.

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