Regenerate with Regnolone Cream


This product was one of Gary Young’s originals and if you don’t yet know, when Gary formulated something, it was ALWAYS for restorative health!

Here’s what Dr. Cynthia Harper Haggerton has to say about it 👇

Regenolone Cream

(Item # 3729)

This was originally created for regenerating nerve/tissue damage... I just came across this testimonial and had to share!

I think this Cream is a YL hidden gem. I would have never have known to even try it but saw it posted in another group about it helping with torn muscles and ligaments.


Testimonials of those using this include-

➕Moms on bedrest

➕Post c-section over scar

➕On sore joints, muscles/ligaments

➕Post surgery (especially knees/ankles)

Can add oils to enhance it such as:








Has anyone else used Regenolone Cream?