I Don't Wear Deodorant, Here's Why

Mom’s Always Right”

The saying “mom’s always right” somehow becomes more true the older I get. The wisdom of her ways has me wondering why it took me so long to embrace them, but each day I am more grateful that she leaned on simple household hacks that time has proved right!  

You see growing up, she relied on age old standbys, like white vinegar and baking soda for just about anything!  

As a teenager, I decided it was time to sprout my own wings and as much I loved my mom, I wanted that fresh, clean (and yes fake) scent to be under my pits.  No more of the natural stuff that didn’t smell - I wanted to smell good, fake or not and “get with the tines”.

And for years, that’s what I did.  And knowing what i know now, one day of fragrance in my pits is one day to many!

I never thought about how my favorite roll-on was impacting my health.  Not once did I ever wonder about it! I was glad I smelled fresh and clean when I walked out the door.  Until I got a phone call from my best friend.

What does the word “fragrance” really mean?

On the other end of the phone, I heard the word cancer.  And that began a journey for my friend that would shake her world as it did mine.  Because, you see, her cancer was the type that was not genetic. And the question of environmental contributors began a quest for both of us!  

And thankfully, more and more people are getting the word out.  A simple search of “fragrance” will provide startling information on its dangers!  And who ever suspected formaldehyde to be lurking in our household and personal care products?  

DIY’s don’t work

So, 7 years ago, I was ready to ditch EVERYTHING!  My mom was right and her baking soda and vinegar solutions needed to make its way back into our home.


And then we found this all natural toothpaste - it was plant based and zero toxic ingredients!  As much as I tried to just use baking soda for toothpaste, I was happy to know this toothpaste was the best of both worlds!  

But my pits were needing help.  I mean, with my friend recovering from cancer, i was not going to put the toxic fragrance back under my arms but I didn’t want to Sri k either!  

Did someone say “toothpaste”?

DIY?  Tried so many! Baking soda and coconut oil may be the all natural solution but it’s so messy!  And a bear to bring when traveling!

And then a friend of mine told me she used the same all natural toothpaste I had found and she took a pea size amount and used it for deodorant!  And it worked! All day long, even on hot summer days, working out, you make it, this fabulous life hack of toothpaste for deodorant worked! And for 7 years, I have been deodorant free!  And for 7 years, this toothpaste has been a trusted alternative and my pits couldn’t be happier! Now, all my friends use it too! They are shocked by how well it works! And, yes, it works just as well for toothpaste - after all, that’s what it is!  My dentist even asked why our family’s teeth were so white, strong and cavity free! Of course, I told him it was the deodorant we were using!

So, now I have completely switched over to this toothpaste and have been loving it! I got mine through a wholesale account with Young Living! Have you heard of the product line, Thieves?

We LOVE the toothpaste and have been using it for years! My husband and I use the Dentarome and my kids use the KidScents.
— Evelyn C

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