#5 Our Grow Resources

We strive to equip our members with all that they need for maximizing all the potential that Young Living offfers its members.  We have everything you need:

  • Graphics

  • Quick classes through a link

  • Educational resources

  • Sharing tools

  • Websites/books/podcasts to learn more

  • Class PPTs and scripts

  • and more…


In addition to our resources in our Legacy Impact Facebook group (Table of Contents), you have member only access to our resource website:  www.yeogrow.com password:  diamond.

Connect with your support team leader and get a game plan for how to make the most of all that’s available to you.  The process is so simple:

  1. Share

  2. Enroll/Essential Rewards

  3. Take your members through the Scavenger Hunts

  4. Repeat

Everything you need to grow is here for you!  

What I’ve learned:  

There are resources available to me to help me grow.  I have a support team in place to help me get a game plan.  It’s simple when I use the system in place.

Your Scavenger Hunt Clue #5:  C