#5 Is There Gold At The end of the Rainbow?

94% of all Young Living members begin their journey with wanting to better their wellness and have a trusted source to purchase products that are toxic free. Like we showed you, through this scavenger hunt you have a way to save money and receive Young Living’s amazing perks while ditching and switching!


But, wait! There’s more!  I mean a lot more!! Young Living rewards their members.  We’ve shown you how they do it from the first time you purchase your starter kit (with giving you a 50% discount).  And you’ve seen all the other perks too!

So, you’re almost through this Scavenger Hunt but we wanted to save the best for almost last!  In addition to your support team leaders, you have a full line of support of members that are earning a residual income with Young Living and they want to teach you all they know!

Your 5th pillar is to find your Silver, Gold and Platinum team leaders. The person who shares this Scavenger Hunt with you can tell you who they are!  

Then, take a look at the Income Disclosure Statement here: https://static.youngliving.com/en-US/PDFS/incomedisclosurestatement_us.pdf.

You have access to a line of support who can show you the income potential that Young Living has for you.

You see, our community started with one family 7 years ago who was looking for answers to their health journey and found those answers in Young Living.  Then, they discovered that by taking their shopping list that they used to take to their local retailer, 90% of their monthly purchases could be done through their Young Living membership. Not only did they get a 24% off wholesale price, they also received cash rewards, free products and discovered the incredible savings these products provided!

When you have good news, you share it!  That family shared their “coupon code” with their family and friends and guess what?  Those friends shared as well. And these 7 years later one family now has 4,000 members as part of their organization worldwide and growing!  And you are a part of it!

Could that be you?  Maybe you just want to get your kit paid for, or perhaps you’d love to get your Young Living products paid for every month?  Maybe you have a goal of being debt free, a vacation, giving to a mission? Whatever it is, Young Living can provide you with an income that can help you reach your goals.  

Want to learn more?  Talk to the person who invited you to this Scavenger Hunt so they can add you to our Grow group where you’ll find an incredible community ready to help you reach your goals!

What I’ve learned:  

While most of Young Living members start out with wanting to achieve wellness goals, there’s a residual income opportunity available to all members as well.  And, there’s real people in my support team who have achieved financial goals and who are ready to help me do the same.

Scavenger Hunt Clue:  C