#3 Send Your New Member on the Scavenger Hunt


Hopefully, you’ve gone through that Scavenger Hunt (if you haven’t, make sure you do!) 

You don’t want your new member to miss out on all the perks and benefits of their Young Living account!  You can offer them a gift for getting through the NMSH too! Gifts like a pocket reference or Thieves Cleaner spray bottle with label (here) make great gifts!

When they see all they have available them, they will be quick to share.  And when they share, there’s even more bonuses for you! Say what?!

It’s crazy, but Young Living loves to give!  So just like you receive the bonus for enrolling a new member, when your new member enrolls someone, they can qualify to receive those bonuses too.  And every time they receive their bonuses, you can *qualify to receive 10% bonus too!

To qualify, just make sure you have 50PV in the same month as bonus is earned.  Just like we said in pillar #2, if you are on Essential Rewards, you’ll never miss ANY bonus!  

What did I learn?

I don’t want my new member to miss out on any of Young Living’s perks and benefits so I will make sure I send them on the New Member Scavenger Hunt.  A fun gift when they go through it makes a great incentive! I earn more bonuses when my new member enrolls a new member! I can see how quickly these bonuses can add up!  I better write down my goals!

Your Scavenger Hunt Clue #3: P