#2 You Have a Bonus Coming!


Young Living loves to reward its members!  And when you share Young Living and help someone enroll with any of the Premium Starter Kits, you can qualify to receive a bonus from Young Living! The minimum bonus is $50 and will be sent to you as a check in the month following your new member’s enrollment.  

Of course, it could be more, depending on what they order.  And, part of that bonus is a 3 month bonus. So, if your new member places any order in the first 3 months of their membership, you can receive 25% of every order in those 3 months!  

And, catch this! When your new member opts into Essential Rewards, they receive the ER cash rewards and for qualified orders they also receive FREE products!  

Let’s say their ER Orders are 300PV (PV is computer lingo and most of time equals same as cash value) in each of the first three months of their membership:  

  • 24% wholesale savings = $72

  • $30 in cash rewards each month X 3 months = $90

  • Average total of free products = $200

Total Approximate Value for your new member = $362

Sweet!  For helping your new member receive those savings and rewards, you can receive a thank you check from Young Living!

So, how do you qualify to receive a thank you check?

Simple!  When you have a *minimum 50PV Order in the same month(s) as any bonus is earned, you receive a “thank you” check!

You can see how easy it is to get your kit paid for and have extra money too!  

*Your qualifying order minimum of 50PV can be via Quick Order or Essential Rewards.  But, don’t leave “money on the table”! Get your cash rewards, free products along with your bonus check by making sure you are on Essential Rewards!

What I learned:  

Young Living gives me a thank you check every time I enroll a new member with a Premium Starter Kit!  My new member gets great rewards when they opt into Essential Rewards. I get those same rewards plus qualify to receive my bonus from Young Living by being on Essential Rewards!

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