#1 I've Got a New Member, Now What?


It’s exciting when you share what you love about Young Living and your friends and/or family get excited too!

Maybe you shared with them one-on-one, or perhaps in a workshop or class!  Either way, there’s a whole new world waiting for them and we want to help you help them discover it! (find our resources for workshops and scripts at: YeoGrow.com - password is "diamond")

So, make sure you do 4 simple things:  

  1. Add them to Legacy Impact and your support team leader’s Facebook group (if they have one).  

  2. Make sure you help them get their personalized “coupon code” here:  https://yl.pe/.  You can save them a step by doing it for them - make sure you put in THEIR member number as the sponsor AND enroller and THEIR email address.  

  3. Help them get into their Young Living Account (they will need their member number and password).  

  4. Help them get the most out of their membership. If your new member isn’t yet on Essential Rewards, they are leaving “money on the table”!  Send them this link so they can get started: Essential Rewards Video

Check up:  make sure you’ve got these 4 things done too!

What I’ve learned:  

Make sure to check off the 4 simple steps to help my new member get started right!  Make sure I have done all 4 too!

Your Scavenger Hunt Clue #1:  I