My path to Young Living Essential Oils  - Renee Yeo

My path to Young Living Essential Oils - Renee Yeo

Does this sound like you?

Do you find yourself at times rushing to get dressed and ready for the busy day ahead of you with barely enough time to get a cup of coffee down before you head out the door only to ignore that heavy feeling in your head?  When you do finally have time to realize that your head is not cooperating with you, there usually is no time to deal with it, and like so many of us, we just “press on” and get so used to feeling this way that we believe it is just the way of “life”.

Or, maybe your day starts at home, being woken up by little footsteps with more energy than you thought possible in someone so little.  You get breakfast for the kids, change diapers, clean up from breakfast, hoping for just a short little rest only to find the kids hungry again and you haven’t even had time to eat yourself.  By the time naptime rolls around, you have so much left to do that you don’t quite notice that you feel run down, low on energy, lacking sleep and imagining what it would be like to have an hour alone, on a beach, with a book ...

What if there was something so routine and so easy that your whole family could enjoy the benefits of it every single day.  Something that helped the kids with their focus and attention, something that could help mom feel refreshed and rejuvenated, something that dad could take to work with him and know that he has powerful support for his stressful day. 

Does that sound too good to be true?  I thought it was.  Actually, I never thought there even was a “state” of being “wonderful”.  I, like so many of my friends just got used to the state of “surviving”. 

But, there is a better way, and we’d love to show you how you can get out of this “whirlwind” of surviving and explore the world of thriving. 

Our bodies are whole beings.  Science continues to prove that our methodology for treating symptoms, rather than the cause, is not only quickly becoming a “dark age” ideology, but science is showing us that our bodies have an incredible capacity to heal.  And, when we provide our whole being with what it needs and get the detractors out of the way, our bodies respond with significant physiological, mental spiritual harmony. 

Now that I have your attention, let’s dive into what it takes to give your body, mind and spirit what it needs so that you can take on each day with a new found lease of life and prepare your body for living a life of wellness every day.

Here is where you start!