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About me

My passion as a wife and Mother has always been to find natural ways to take care of my family.  Hello, we are the Coletta family! My name is Michele; this is my husband Michael, and our three children, Makayla, Isabella, and Christian. Here is our story about how essential oils have changed our lives…

Several years ago, my 6 month old daughter, Isabella, had a sever cough that persisted for two and half weeks with no let up.  We tried many over the counter medicines with no avail.  I know any mother out there would agree, you want to find SOMETHING to help your child get well.  While I was at our family Chiropractor, the doctor recommended Eucalyptus essential oil.  I LOVE the smell of this plant, but was unaware of its healing properties.  I decided to give it a try.  That night I placed one drop of Eucalyptus oil, diluted in olive oil on her chest and the bottom of her feet.  I covered her feet with socks, and put her to bed.  She not only slept through the night, but did not cough ONCE the entire night!  This experience opened my mind to essential oils as a healthy alternative. I remember thinking what are these healing oils, and where can I get more!  

Today essential oils are integrated into all aspects of our lives.  On a daily based, our family benefits from these wonderful plant oils, from mood lifting room sprays, and roller bottle recipes, to cleaning our countertops, and sleepy-time smells.  My children love different scents like Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and Pine.  My husband will ask me, “what do you suggest for back pain” or “I have a sore throat, what oil should I use” … I love that we are an essentially oiled family!

Not sure where to begin your journey?  I would love to help you get started on a wonderful adventure to healthy healing, and a chemical-free lifestyle! The best place to start is to purchase a Young Living starter kit!  It is a great investment to make for you and your family! 

 ~ Michele Coletta and Family!