Why are YL products made with non-nano technology?

Q. I have heard and have read that all YL personal products / skin care products are made with non-nano technology. I understand wanting all toxic chemically based products to be non- nano, but why is YL non- nano?

A. In short, when it comes to personal care products like moisturizers or sunscreen, we want products that will be a barrier on our skin and not quickly absorbed into our blood stream and organs.  Unlike essential oils which we want to absorb quickly to our cellular system, our personal care products we apply should be effectual on our skin as barrier.  Because YL products are toxic free, we are confident with their nourishment to our skin, however many companies use nanotechnology in their products. This is a big concern and here’s why:

Debra Raybern answer:
"Inhalation appears to be the main concern so powders, such as mineral makeup could pose a risk. Dr. Buch, VP Research and Development with YL states that because of the unknown risks and little science as to their safely, YL will not use nanotechnology in our products. Suncreens are a popular product using nano-particles. 

The safety issues with nanoparticles are not very well known but their potential for danger is evident due to the high surface area to volume ratio, which can make the particles very reactive or catalytic. In addition, these are able to pass through cell membranes in organisms and may interact with biological systems. These may move through the body, reach vital organs like brain and cause biochemical damage and even cancer."