What is the Essential Rewards program?

Q: What is the Essential Rewards program?

A:  This is by far our most popular membership perk and exclusive benefit only to Young Living wholesale members!

How does it work?

To get started, go to Essential Rewards in your Virtual Office), follow the prompts to set up your first order.  Each order is a minimum of 50PV (point value, which is usually = to $ value) to qualify. 

Select your ship day, which you can change anytime or choose to “process now” if you want to keep your ship date the same but would like to have your order early.  

Select your PV Assistant with your monthly ER goals.  This is an important step in preserving your ER points.  Should an item go out of stock at the time it processes, your PV assistant will provide a substitution for YL to include, keeping your ER processing without interruption and without you losing your reward points!

Special Perk available just for Essential Reward Orders

In addition to our Young Living membership wholesale savings of 24%, by participating in the exclusive Essential Reward program you get to save even more.  Besides the cash back rewards explained below, you also have access to Essential Reward Kit bundles.  These bundles offer even more savings, like an additional $38 savings when you purchase the Thieves Essential Reward Kit.

Reward and exclusive Essential Reward Gifts just for you!

When you are on Essential Rewards you receive cash back rewards.  These rewards accrue in your Essential Reward account and can be seen in your Virtual Office.  These rewards are the same as cash and after two months on Essential Rewards they are available to use.  You can accrue your points and your Essential Rewards home page will give you information on when your points expire so you can make sure to use them.

Rewards increase the longer you are on Essential Rewards

10% back on first 3 months
20% back on months 4-24
25% back on 25 months and above

Loyalty Gifts in first 12 months

Young Living loves to give and for participating in the Essential Reward program, in addition to the cash back rewards, Young Living also will send a special loyalty gift to members as a way to celebrate their first full year in Essential Rewards:

After 3 months of consecutive orders:   Peppermint Vitality
After 6 months of consecutive orders:   Thieves Essential Oil
After 9 months of consecutive orders:   Breathe Again Roll On
After 12 months of consecutive orders:  *Loyalty Blend

*This blend is exclusive only to Essential Reward members who have 12 months of consecutive Essential Reward orders.  It is not available to purchase and is only offered exclusively through this Essential Reward program.

Ready to Cash in your Rewards?

Just go to Quick Order and place your order, on payment page you will see an option “Essential Rewards” that you can click and choose which items you want to apply your Essential Rewards