What carrier oil should I use?

Q: Is there a certain carrier oil I should be using?

A: No, you can use what you have, but keep in mind that you are using Young Living oils for a reason: the high standards, the purity, the quality, and the therapeutic benefits.  Do you really want to mix that awesome product with cheap carrier oil?  It could be rancid, it could be over processed, it could be GMO.  You want to use a high quality carrier oil with your essential oils, so don’t use your vegetable oil, or something like Crisco, unless it’s an emergency.  Try to find an organic, cold pressed, minimally processed coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil, or other high quality oil.  If you want to just stick with Young Living, they offer a carrier oil called V-6.  A lot of people I know use Tropical Traditions coconut oil.