The Oils Don't Work for Me

Q: These don't seem to be working for me, am I doing something wrong?

A: In the previous question, Gary told us about how the oils sacrifice themselves to the acid in your body, so the first thing you can do is check your pH.  You can get litmus paper at your local health food store.  Drinking lemon in water and increasing green vegetable intake have been known to help balance pH levels, the Alkalime supplement also is designed to help maintain a desirable pH level. I will also drink raw apple cider vinegar if I feel like I need to fight acid (I can only drink it if I put a small amount in some apple juice, it tastes like apple cider). Water is a neutral, I try to make sure to drink half my body weight in ounces of water a day to keep things moving out and to keep hydrated.  You often have to stick with an oil for a while before deciding whether it is addressing what you are working on.  Your body has to work through doing some detoxing and it may be working on something other than what you were expecting it to.  But Gary has said that if it’s something you should be getting pretty immediate results from, try a different oil after 60 seconds.  Last thing to ask is are you hitting it hard enough?  We learned in the previous answer that the body exhausts the oil after 20 minutes.  I like to set a timer and reapply faithfully!