Is lemon Vitality oil bad for kidneys/liver?

Q. I heard someone day that it isn’t safe to ingest essential oils, specifically Lemon Essential Oil because it could cause harm to the liver and/or kidneys.

A. While I would never ingest any essential oil that is not our Young Living brand, our Young Living Vitality line is considered a dietary supplement and can not only be safely taken internally but is an important part of detoxifying our bodies.  

Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt (been using and researching essential oils for decades and is not a member of any mlm company) says the following about that exact subject (from his book The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils P. 135):

"Ingesting Lemon oil is known as an entirely harmless exercise to many aromatherapy users. Nonetheless, it is imperative that the first time user explore this application simply with 1 drop. Essential oils are very powerful, concentrated messengers from the plant world. For those not used to the detoxification effect, the oil may trigger slight anxiety due to unfamiliar sensations. It is important to proceed cautiously in the quest for experience.

Many xenobiotics are oily and not soluble in water and tend to accumulate in body tissues, especially adipose tissue. As we have seen, (our bodies have) a mechanism by which these substances can be removed from the organism. For anyone interested in optimum health, this mechanism can be employed to prevent the accumulation of toxic levels of these xenobiotics. It is done simply by ingesting an essential oil such as Lemon oil, which will trigger or modify the detoxification process.

The process starts with Phase I, in which the essential molecules or toxins are made water soluble and more responsive to further elimination reactions by Phase II enzymes.

The Phase I or CYP 450 enzyme systems can catalyze almost any reaction a compound can undergo. CYP 450 enzymes are located in liver smooth endoplasmic reticulum, the gut mucosa, and also in smaller amounts in airway mucosa...."

So basically, that's incorrect, Lemon EO is actually a hepatoprotective oil (liver protector) that aids in detoxifying our bodies of xenobiotics via the CYP 450 pathway.