Does the diffuser's metal plate contain lead?

Does the metal plate in Young Living diffusers contain lead?  It seems this has gotten attention from a blogger, who say the metal plate contains lead:  

1.  This is not a scientific study.  It was tested by a mom with at at home test. 
2.  It was done on a used diffuser.
3.  We do not have information on what water was previously used in diffuser.
4. We do not know other lead indicators that could be present.
5.  There is nothing here to warrant any concern.
6.  The metal doesn't leach into non acidic solutions. Essential oils are ph neutral.  If you were to cook on stainless steel with acidic foods you can have some leaching. It's why enameled cookware is so popular. 

With these considerations there is no way one can rightly assess this “finding”.  While there may be honorable intention on the part of this blogger, it is important to note that YL maintains its commitment to Seed to Seal standards.  

From Dr. Mike Buch, Young Living’s Chief Officer of R&D:

The white disc that oscillates to make the mist, that is ceramic and contains no lead. The washer is plated with chrome (like a car bumper). The underlying metal below the chrome is brass... brass contains some lead (always). But it is metallic lead and metallic lead does not dissolve in water at all, so even if the brass was completely exposed (which would take a lot of breaking down of the chrome), it would not get lead in the water.

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