Can I Use Oils before Bed?

Q: I used the oils before bed and had had some really crazy dreams.  Is this normal?  Will it happen every time I use them before bed?

A: It is normal.  The oils are ridding your body of all kinds of bad things, and pent up emotions are one of them.  If you are using oils at night, it might bring up something from the past.  It’s bringing it up so you can deal with it!  Usually, the dreams stop relatively quickly, depending on the oil used and the amount of negative emotion stored.

Try this technique as described by Gary: “So simply, with this patient, we just used an oil blend called Release. This blend contains oils for the liver–Carrot seed, Celery seed, Chamomile. We just rubbed it over her liver and under her nose and had her breathe it and then just sit back and repeat... “I lovingly and willingly release and let go of all that no longer serves me in a positive, progressive way.” Therefore, she didn’t have to decide what she needed to let go of, because the conscious mind is so judgmental. 

If you think with the conscious mind and it thinks you are letting go of something that it’s attached to, it’s not going to. So you don’t tell the conscious mind what you are going to let go of–you simply say... “I just lovingly and willingly release and let go of all of that no longer serves me in a positive and progressive way.” This is kind of going in the back door to attack the conscious mind.