Can essential oils be used on cats?

Q. Can essential oils be used on cats?

A. And here is the straight scoop in cats and YLEO from Platinum Leader Kelly Bromelcamp! 🐱

I started using essential oils in our home 7 years ago, and have diffused around and oiled our cats, dogs, horses and chickens since day 1! In fact, I got started with oils because my sister made me do it (thanks Kim), but actually started using the oils consistently because I found out how beneficial they were for my pets!

We clean with oil-infused products and there is at least one diffuser going in our house, nearly 24/7. I always make sure the cats and dogs can leave the room if they choose to get away from it, but more often than not they’ll be IN the room with the diffuser running. I regularly (read: almost daily) pet the dogs and cats with oils and yes, we even use them (gasp) internally.
Here’s the thing, we ONLY use Young Living oils because, purity.

That purity makes all the difference in the world! I’ve been to the farms, I’ve participated in the oil-making process, I’ve studied every piece in a distillery and I’ve watched the painstaking test process in our labs. Young Living even has a Veterinary Advisory Council, full of board-certified and practicing veterinarians, to ensure that their products are both safe and beneficial to our pets. YL is the real deal, and the ONLY company I trust enough to expose to my babies - and I said that LONG before I ever received a check from them. I talk about these oils because they work, not because I make money.

It seems like everyone is selling oils now (hint: they're doing it to make money, not because their oils work - BIG difference), and that’s where the problem lies. Pretty much all of the ‘oils’ available at (insert favorite retail location) are not really essential oils, but synthetic fragrance in a chemical cocktail, packaged as essential oils. Does the bottle say “pure” or “100% essential oil” or something else that makes it sound good? Yep, it probably does. Does that mean it really is? Probably not.

Okay, back to cats. Yes, they lack an enzyme in their liver to process certain toxins, which is why even many OTC medications that can be given to dogs, cannot be given to cats. This is why purity is of UTMOST importance when choosing oils to use on and around your kitty friends! Their bodies cannot process the synthetic yuck in all of those cheap oils you see popping up everywhere else and they could get very sick, indeed.
Onto the next thing. Google is not a doctor, not a veterinarian, nor is he/she a scientist. Unless you know exactly what you’re reading, where the information came from and the purpose it has been written, it is not a source of valuable information. And don’t get me started on “studies” (that’s a topic for another post)…

Okay, let’s sum this up:
🐾 Can essential oils be used safely in, on and around cats? Yes.
🐾 Can ALL "essential oils" be used safely in, on and around cats? No.
🐾 Can Young Living essential oils be used safely in, on and around cats? Yes.
🐾 Should you trust any other company’s oils in, on or around cats? No.
And there’s the facts!  🐱❤️

Kayla Yeo