Are YL Supplements safe for those avoiding folate/folic acid?

Q. For those with MTHFR gene who have concern over supplements that contain folate/folic acid, are YL supplements safe for those avoiding synthetic derived folate/folic acid?

A. Here is information from Young Living R&D 9/17:

Product safety and efficacy is extremely important to Young Living Essential Oils. We follow many governmental, regulatory bodies, and top research institutes in the industry to monitor the latest research on the safety and efficacy of ingredients. As a part of our continuous development, we are removing/replacing synthetic folic acid in our products with natural folate. (Most of this is complete).

There is a misconception that folic acid can only be synthetic, but it is simply a term for hydrolyzed (water added to) folates. Orgen-FA® is 100% USDA Certified Organic and it does NOT contain any sort of synthetic folic acid or additives. (It would not be 100% USDA Certified Organic if it did.) It is extracted using hot water and is no different than the folic acid you would get when boiling broccoli. This ingredient is standardized to 5% natural folic acid and the remaining 95% material is naturally occurring co-factors and co-nutrients from organic lemon peel.

The only MTHF ingredients available are SYNTHETIC, so we choose not to formulate with these ingredients. For those in the population who are MTHFR-gene deficient, we recommend talking to your doctor when determining which foods or supplements to consume.

Please know that each ingredient in every product is thoroughly reviewed and carefully evaluated to determine necessity, efficacy, safety, and quality. We will not use ingredients that do not meet YL standards.

* Please note that Orgen-FA® is the folate component of other natural vitamin blends such as Orgen-B’s®, Orgen-Kid® and other organic, natural vitamin blends produced by Orgenetics.