Are essential oils safe to heat/cook with?

Q: I loving cooking with my Vitality Oils. So what I am wondering is this: Do the oils loose their effectiveness when there heating in cooking or baking?

Young Living Essential Oils 
This is a great question! 
You can add essential oils in your favorite recipes that call for dried herbs, spices, or fruit juices. 

Simply replace these ingredients with the equivalent essential oil. 

Keep in mind that essential oils have a much stronger flavor than dried herbs and spices, so a much smaller amount is generally sufficient. 

We recommend starting out with small amounts of oil and then increasing the amount according to your own taste. 

***Also, remember that essential oils have highly volatile constituents and can be changed or altered during the cooking process, so it is best to avoid exposing them to extreme heat. 

This can be prevented by lowering your stovetop temperature, using the essential oils in conjunction with extra virgin olive oil, or by adding the oils after the dish has been removed from heat.

If the oil is used in a baked dish, then we can't guarantee all the constituents are still intact, but the flavor of the oil will still be present. .

Tips for Cooking with Essential Oils