Cecilia Bruce

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About me

I am a mom of 5 and a grandmother of two beautiful little girls.  I grew up in a natural home and my mom always encouraged us to find the root cause of a problem instead of defaulting to common "band-aid" solutions.  I am forever grateful for that!  I was the youngest of 8 children and rarely had to go to the doctor.  

When I was an adult, 28 years old, I became a widow with three small children.  But, I bounced back and continued moving on in life – full force.  Many years later I was married again and had my 4th child and pregnant with my 5th and suffered the loss of my second husband.  Loss was huge in our life.  Many years later I saw my children and myself struggling with the emotions that we never dealt with.  

How I found Young Living

My first experience with Young Living was at a class that a friend invited me to and the instructor spoke extensively about how the essential oils benefit our emotional well-being.  That perked up my ears!  We were all hurting and in need of some emotional support and I wanted to try these oils they talked about to see if they could help.  What I found was nothing short of amazing!  

The changes I saw in our moods and the way we walked through our days became very different.  The household overall was more calm, more peaceful and less eruptive.  I was stunned!  I dove into researching and reading all I could and finding out how to use these amazing oils in every aspect of our day!  We have never looked back!  

Can you relate?  Do you struggle to make it through the day?  Are you a busy mom that needs some support for her family's health and wellness as well as her own emotions?  Has your family been through some difficult times and you just want to see their moods and their spirits renewed?

Come and join our team of people who want to improve their health naturally, who want to enjoy their life with vibrant energy and passion and who want to make a difference in the world in which we live.  

My journey with Young Living has been life changing!  My passion is to share my experience with you and help you and your family enjoy the same amazing transformations that I have experienced with my own.

Let's get started together!