Candy Byrne

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About Me

I am retired and afraid that my $$$ will not last as long as I may.  I would like to be able to help our family financially with college, orthodontics and vehicles.  My husband is very ill but has been supporting his body with several oils.  Thank you, God!  

I save money every month by ordering wholesale.  I can make a multi-purpose cleaner for 39 cents; a heavy duty cleaner for 68 cents and an oven cleaner for less than $1.  No mess.  No smell.  No chemicals.  And no harm to man nor beast.

I love God and would like to preserve this land of ours.  I can help you keep your family and loved ones healthy and happy.  I can help you save money each month and become chemical-free.  I will also show you how to pay for college, retirement and a new house and car.  Call me to get started!